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America has become sick of politicians on the extremes of each party who are unwilling to talk and unwilling to compromise. The formula for governing has become shockingly repetitive throughout the past decade, tribalism and obstruction. Constituents of both of our parties have become disillusioned as partisan bickering has overshadowed governing and what is good for us as citizens.

We have a President that constantly lies to the people, shows fealty to dictators, insults our allies, fills the swamp with corruption, explodes the deficit and relentlessly assaults the rule of law. 

There is nothing Conservative in that, yet we have had GOP leadership that has lost its way, cowering in fear and led a Congress that failed to do its job and conduct oversight. No wonder the voters sent them a message last year.

As Constitutional Conservatives, it is imperative for us to stand up for the Constitution, whether it is a Republican President or a Democrat President. 

The election fraud that occurred in NC 09, resulting in the need for a new election, is yet another example of our extreme partisan culture poisoning the trust that Americans have in our government. 

 The persistent attacks on the checks and balances of our democracy, occurring on both the federal and state level motivated me to run for the North Carolina Supreme Court. Our campaign successfully stood up for the rule of law and against the Legislature’s attempts at making the judiciary its subdivision. This provided a voice to disgruntled voters who felt their politicians had left them.

 Today, in a continuing effort to return our Party back to the values it once stood for, I announce my Candidacy for Congress in the Ninth District.  I am running as a Constitutional Conservative who will stand up for the rule of law, free and fair trade, fiscal responsibility, opportunity for all, science, our environment and for democracy around the world. 


I will support the President and his policies when they help our constituents, but I will not hesitate to ask questions and hold the Administration to account when appropriate. 

 Trade and open markets have traditionally benefitted our nation, which in turn, strengthened democracy around the world. It makes no sense to start unnecessary trade wars, raise tariffs and then borrow billions of dollars from foreign nations to subsidize farmers hurt by the tariffs. That certainly isn’t conservative, not to mention it has led to the largest trade deficit in our nation’s history, which is the polar opposite of its intent.

 I strongly believe in immigration reform and securing our borders. I will support funding initiatives and changes to our current immigration policies that will help to achieve this goal.  However, I also believe in science and listening to experts. There is nothing conservative about spending billions of dollars on a vanity project to fulfill a broken promise that will not do the job it is intended to do. Nor is it conservative to manufacture a national emergency to subvert the will of Congress.

There is nothing conservative about exploding trillion dollar annual deficits and I will do what is needed to get our fiscal house in order. 

Some may question whether I’m a Republican, as the leadership of the State Republican Party did last year.  Despite their insults, I have remained a Republican. I voted for George Bush and Pat McCrory.  I know what a rational, conservative governing party looks like. This is not it. 

 This special election provides a ‘special’ opportunity to send a strong message that the US is still capable of living up to its values of support for the rule of law, opportunity for all and for freedom and democracy here at home and abroad. It is important to have a Republican Party and nation which is guided by rationality and that does not operate purely out of fear. 

America is and will forever be great, while always striving to be greater. As a Party and country, we can and must do better. Ronald Reagan said, “If history teaches us anything, it teaches that self-delusion in the place of unpleasant facts is folly.” Please join me in returning the Republican Party to its conservative roots of having a belief in the rule of law and respect for our shared Democratic principles. 


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