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About Chris Anglin


Chris is running in the North Carolina 9th Congressional District Republican Primary. He is running as a Constitutional Conservative in order to stand up for the rule of law and to the President when necessary. Chris is an attorney and a small business owner. He has operated his own law firm since he graduated law school.  He went to Wake Forest University where he received his Bachelor’s in Political Science and Elon University School of Law where he received a Juris Doctor. 

As an attorney, he has a history of standing up on behalf of individuals and small business owners. He practices civil litigation and routinely represents individuals against large corporations, insurance companies and the government. He knows how to fight for the average Joe and get the best result possible.  During his legal career, he has seen how the overreach of the government negatively impacts everyday citizens. 

If elected, Chris will fight for the citizens and voters of the 9th District. Politicians in both the state and federal government no longer fight for their constituents. They care only about being elected again and again. Their obsession with self-promotion and furthering their political careers makes them beholden to their political parties and major donors. Chris will always state his beliefs, no matter the effect on his election chances. Chris is concerned with speaking the truth and highlighting issues which need to talked about. 

Unfortunately, there has been a historic level of partisan gridlock recently. Both Republican and Democratic politicians feel the best way to represent their constituents is to stand against anything the other party advances, while refusing to compromise on common ground. This prevents anything from being accomplished. In a two-party system, politicians need to able to speak to the other side and behave like rational adults. Chris will strive to achieve this goal. 

When Chris is not working, he enjoys attending Wake Forest sporting events (which can be painful at times), traveling and spending time with friends and family. Chris enjoys anything water related and is a licensed scuba diver. He looks forward to running and hearing from people in the 9th District.